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Employees, visitors and members can be registered as users.
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Adding users is the process of registering employees, visitors, members, etc. to manage them on site basis on Airfob Portal.

* Adding users is a separate step from issuing cards. Administrators can add users to store and manage user information.

Users are

People who site administrators wish to manage
Site administrators can register users such as employees, visitors, and members on the site.

Adding users and issuing mobile access card are separate
Site administrators can add users to store user information. After adding a user, a mobile access card can be issued separately. However, you cannot issue a mobile access card without adding the user.

Users do not need to sign up
There is no separate sign-up process for users. If the site administrator issues a mobile access card to the user, the user can use the mobile access card instantly after installing the app and downloading the card on the smartphone.

Adding Users

1.  Add users

Click the add user button to add a user.

Note:  To add user, click the add user button.

Note:  To edit a user, click on a specific user in the user list.

2.  Enter user information

Enter user info
Enter the user information you want to save.

Note:  Only user ID is required.

Note:  User ID is automatically created unless you enter the info manually. Numbers are auto-generated in sequentially.

Add user image
If you have images to represent your users, you can add them.

Note:  You can upload a maximum file size of 3MB.

Note:  JPG, jpeg, and png file formats are supported.

Adding Users on Mobile Environment

Add users after signing-in
You can follow the same steps as PC environment to add users.

Sign-in Airfob Portal with an administrator account. Click the add user button on the bottom menu bar.

Note:  Some features may be limited due to physical space in mobile environment.

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