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Create an administrator account on Airfob Portal
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Updated 3 years ago

Creating account is the first step on becoming an administrator on Airfob Portal.

* If you have been invited as a site administrator or need to create a site, you must have a registered account.

Creating an account

1.  Create an account

Access the sign-in page or visit

Click the Create Site button or visit
Enter the email address you wish to sign up with.

2.  Verification Code

Check the verification code in your email inbox and fill in the code.

3.  Agree to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Once your account is verified, please check your privacy policy and terms before moving on to the next step.

4.  Password and Nickname

Enter the password and nickname for your account.

5.  Sign-in

Please click on the Sign-in button and sign-in after entering your account information.

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