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Create a site and manager users and mobile access
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A site is a management organization that issues a mobile access card for a specific company or office, gym, branch, etc. so that only the corresponding users can use it.

* You can become a site administrator by creating a new site or by being invited from another site.

What is site?

Operating Organization Unit
A site is a specific company or operating organizational unit such as an office, gym or branch.

Registering Users & Issuing Mobile Access Cards
Register users and issue mobile access cards for your organization.

Note:  only one user can be registered per site. Only one card can be issued to one user.

Adminstrator List
Manage a separate list of administrators and co-manage your site.

Tailored Card Design
Build and distribute your own unique card design to your users.

Create a site

1.  Creating a site

Click Create Site button to create a new site.

Note:  After signing in, only the sites you have created or have been invited appear on the list.

2.  Site Name and Country Settings

Please enter your site name and select your country.

Note:  The site language and time zone follow the country settings of your site. After creating a site, you can change the site name at any time in the site settings.

Note:  The language settings displayed on your site and emails and SMS sent are configured based on the country settings of your site.

3.  Site Settings

Please select a site type.

Note:  You cannot change the site type after creating a site. If you want to use a different type, please create a new site.

  • Dynamic:  Real-time control of your card through Internet connection. Administrators control user card permission or modify information in near real time.

    Pros:  Administrators can modify information of the user including access permission and card design in real-time.
    Cons:  Internet connection required. However, you can use it without Internet connection during the 5-minute grace period.
  • Regular:  After issuing a mobile access card, users can always use the card without Internet connection.

    Pros:  Simple operation by issuing cards as needed.
    Cons:  Difficult to control permission and modify information once the mobile access card has been issued to the user.

Related:  see Dynamic vs. Regular Site Type in details.

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