Import Multiple Users

More than one user can be imported using CSV.
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Importing multiple users is a simple step of registering employees, visitors, and members on Portal.

* Import multiple users by uploading a CSV file. If not correctly saved in the right CSV format, importing may not properly work.


Upload CSV File
Upload CSV to import multiple users saved on the file.

Configure Data
Configure data structure and types and preview data imported from CSV.

Import Users
Execute importing multiple users.

See Results
Check the imported results from CSV.

Continue Task
Upload user image files and issue multiple cards after importing users.

Upload CSV File

Note:  Save CSV file type in UTF-8.

If you already have CSV file you are managing:

  • Drag and drop the CSV file or click the upload area to open file explorer.

If you do not have CSV file you are managing: 

  • Download default CSV file provided.

Note:  CSV file must be saved in UTF-8 type. If saved in different file type, CSV may not properly work. Special characters may be different by each field types.
Note:  Maximum CSV file size that can be uploaded is 5MB.

Configure Data

Basic Settings

  • Overwrite user data:

    Choose whether to overwrite data when users on the CSV and users on the portal overlaps. If you choose to keep existing information, you can choose to Keep Existing Info. If you select Overwrite with CSV, user information saved on CSV will overwrite user info on the portal.

  • Card ID type:

    Please check whether the card ID to be imported from CSV is decimal or hexadecimal. You must select the appropriate card ID type so that it is displayed correctly and you can use it as an mobile access card. 

  • Start date & end date: 

    Set the valid period of the cards you are going to issue. Based on the selected start and expiration dates, multiple cards will be set and issued to users.
    Note:  If the CSV file is including the expiration date, specify the data via data mapping menu below. When issued, cards will be issued based on the CSV data.
    Note:  When importing a CSV, you must map the card ID to create users and to issue cards.

Specify Importing Range:

  • Header row:

    Specify the header location on the CSV to import data below the header. Select the number of rows on which the header is located. It is in average located on the first row.

Data Mapping

  • Data mapping: 

    Data map to import which data on the CSV to the portal. For each field, specify the data corresponding to the column in the CSV. For each field on the portal, map with data on the CSV which is corresponding to each column. Select none if you do not wish to import the data to the field.
    Note:  If the top header row is set incorrectly, each field may display inaccurate information. Check if the header row is set correctly.
    Note:  Map card ID to issue multiple cards. If not, card can only be issued one at a time. The best practice to issue cards in simple steps is by adding card ID on the CSV and data mapping to import all required info to issue multiple cards.

Preview Data 

  • Preview:

    Check and review your configuration to see if your settings display expected information with real data. If not, configure the top header row, try data mapping, and see preview to check your settings.


Import Users 

Execute importing

  • Execute importing:

    Importing task is in process. Please note that it may require some time if there are number of users.
    Note:  If the importing task is in process, all admins within the same site may not be able to create or edit users or cards.

  • Importing complete notification:

    When importing task is complete, you will receive the current status via notification on the top.
    Note:  If you have closed the windows and missed the notification, check the results by accessing the menu by clicking Import Users.

  • Complete process:

    Click complete to end all process after checking the results.
    Note:  All results will disappear upon clicking complete button and will not be saved separately. If you require the results file, save the file prior to clicking the complete button.

See Results


  • Check the number of users imported successfully. Click download results and check the details of each user created.


  • Check the number of users failed to be imported. Click download results and check the reasons on the import failure.
    Note:  All results files will disappear and will not be saved separately. If you require results files, save the file prior to clicking the complete button.

Continue Task

Upload multiple user images

  • Upload images:

    Uploading image will apply on the users' profile image and the image on the card. Click upload button to move to the upload menu.

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    See Import User Images for more details.

Issue multiple cards

  • Issue cards:

    Issuing multiple cards will issue cards to users imported via CSV. If no cards are issued, importing users will create new users but issue no cards to those users.

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    See Issue Multiple Cards for more details.

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