Configure Card ID Format MSB & LSB

Understanding the concept and configuring MSB & LSB.
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The difference between MSB and LSB is in which order bit is read. If bits are read from the very left(highest bit), it is MSB(Most Significant Bit). If read from the very right(lowest bit), it is LSB(Least Significant Bit).


Understanding MSB & LSB
Compare MSB & LSB with examples

Configure MSB & LSB
Set up card ID format

Understanding MSB & LSB


Suppose that you own card ID 1559994371 MIFARE Classic.

Expressed in decimal and binary will look like the following:

decimal:   1559994371
   binary:   01011100 11111011 10100000 00000011

If binary is read in MSB

If binary is read in LSB

therefore, it becomes 110000000 00000101 11011111 00111010 .

If you plan to use CSN MSB or LSB, check the current settings of your RF card reader in use and configure from the settings in Airfob Portal.

Configure MSB & LSB

Select CSN MSB or CSN LSB from Credential Settings.

Access menu in following order:  Settings - Credentials Settings

Note:  only Master admin has the access to the Credential Settings menu.
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