Recharge SMS

SMS needs to be recharged on the site prior to its use.
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SMS is one way to deliver downloading methods mobile access card to users when issued.

Recharging SMS

1.  Access Site License Page

Access License page in Settings.

2.  Enter license code

Enter the license code to recharge SMS and click the Apply button.

Note:  50 SMS are recharged per credit. (Ratio: 1:50)

Note:  The same type of license code can be used to recharge normal credits. However, in the case of normal credits, it is recharged in 1:1 ratio, different from when recharging ratio.

Note:  When creating a license code in Partner Portal, include only normal credits. If maintenance credits are included, the site cannot be recharged.

Note:  Once SMS is recharged, it cannot be canceled.


3.  Check Current Status of SMS

Check the remaining number of SMS recharged. After recharging the SMS, a SMS status tile is created.

Related:  see Issue mobile access cards via SMS in details.

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