Set up a site admin

Site admin takes in charge of site settings and license of a site
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Site admins have access and configuration permission to site and license settings.

* Site admins can only be invited by masters and sub-masters.

Site Admin Roles

1.  Site Management

Change and configure information related to site settings.

2.  License Management

Monitor information related to the license or use the license code to charge and manage credits.

Set up Site Admin

1.  Invite Site Admin via email.

Access the menu by clicking in the following order: Settings and Admin.
Click the Invite button, enter the email of the admin you want to invite, and click Send Invitation.

Note:  Site Admin may not be visible on the admin type list if they do not sign up for the Airfop Portal. Please check if the invited admin has signed up. Site admins can only be invited by Masters and Sub Masters.

2.  Change Admin Type

Change the admin type to Site Admin.

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