Dynamic vs. Regular Site Type

Pros and cons for each site type and their characteristics.
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There are two types of site types: dynamic and regular. Set the site type considering the organization you manage.

* Once site has been created, the site type cannot be changed, so please be considerate when creating a site.

Comparison Table

Dynamic vs. Regular Site

Site Type A

Dynamic Site

Characteristics 1

Real-time status monitoring and management of members

Manage and control your members' ID badge and access card untact.

Action for Administrators

  • Pause:  pause the permission of your member temporarily. Resume permission when all is ready.
  • Delete:  revoke the ID badge and access card and withdraw their access permission. If necessary to grant the ID badge again to the same member, reissue the ID badge.
  • Resend:  resend the download link for the ID badge when it is difficult for the member to find the link sent.

Characteristics 2

ID Badge Pause Since 5 Minutes of No-Internet of Smartphone

If 5 minutes have elapsed since the internet access has been disconnected, ID badge will display No Internet and withdraw access permission.

Grace of Time:  feature to prevent the unallowed entry/exit when the administrator cannot control it remotely. Members are permitted for 5 minutes without internet access.

Note:  user smartphone must be connected to the internet to use the ID badge and access card issued from the Dynamic site.

Note:  does not apply to the Regular site.

Characteristics 3

Regular Application of ID Badge and Access Card Design

Apply member information and photo by editting their information.

Note:  select Update All to apply the design including all the members who have already received the ID badge or access card.

Characteristics 4

Unlimited ID Badge and Access Card Issuance

Issue and revoke ID badges or access cards with no limits on the number of members of your organization. Manage with no worries since all untact actions will not cost you extra.

Characteristics 5

Billing for Access Card Service:  credit deduction per device registered

Sites requiring access cards will be billed per device registered on the site. Billing is done on monthly basis after trying out the service for almost one month.

Note:  billing occurs per device one month later from the the same date of its registeration on the site. For instance, if device A has been registered on February 5th, one credit will be deducted on March 5th.

Note:  site will be put to a pause and not operate when lack of credits are found on the date of credit deduction. All ID badges or access cards your members possess will put to a stop and will resume when credits are recharged. Recharge sufficient credits prior to each date of credit deduction.

Site Type B

Regular Site

Characteristics 1

Use ID Badge or Access Card with No Internet Access

Even in an environment where there is no Internet, your members can freely enter and exit using the access card downloaded to the smartphone.

Characteristics 2

Credit deduction per ID badge or access card issued

If it is more favorable to pay as you go, create regular site and credits will be deducted by the number of issuance.

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