Issue mobile access card via SMS

Mobile access card download methods can be sent to users via SMS.
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Updated 2 years ago

SMS is one way to deliver downloading methods mobile access card to users when issued.

Issuing mobile access card via SMS

1.  Click add user button

Access the user list. Click the add user button on the top right.

2.  Add user and add card

Click the add card button. Check if SMS is selected under mobile access card.

Note:  When mobile access card is issued, card download button and activation code for the card download will be sent to users via SMS and the site will consume the recharged number of SMS.

Notes:  Even if you retrieve your mobile access card, you cannot cancel the recharged SMS that already has been deducted.

Note:  If there are not enough recharged SMS left on the site, mobile access card cannot be issued to users. Recharge SMS in advance.

Related:  see article, Recharge SMS for more details.

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