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Apply images to more than two users in drag and drop.
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Uploading multiple user images is an easy way to add user information to the card and user information at once when registering employees, visitors, members, etc. on the site.

*  If not uploaded supported image format, uploading may not work.

*  If you wish to upload multiple user images aside from the CSV user importing process, use this upload user image menu to bulk upload the images in simple drag and drop to update the users on the portal.


Upload image
Select images from the file explorer and upload.

See results

Check results of uploading the images.

Continue task
Continue with issue multiple cards after importing users and uploading user images.

Upload image

Change the image file name

  • Save in the same file name as user ID

    Save the file name identical to the user ID. For instance, if you wish to update the image of user ID 156, save the file name 156.jpg. Retain the file extension as is.

Upload Image

  • Select the images files and upload via drag and drop or from the file explorer

    Drag and drop the files selected or click the upload area to open the file explorer to upload the files. If you have all image files saved in one folder, you can select the folder to upload all images in the folder.
    Note:  Each file size cannot exceed 2MB.
    Note:  Image file formats of jpg, jpeg, png are supported.

  • Check file list on the upload area

    Check the file list to see if all your user images are included. If you find some files unnecessary, click X button to exclude from the list. If you wish to include separate images aside from the current list, select the files from the file explorer and drag and drop the files on the upload area.

Execute upload

  • Click upload button

    Click upload button to proceed.
    Note:  Do not close the web browser or the window. To upload the user images, the windows must be kept open during the upload process.

  • Upload in process

    All admins within the same site cannot create or edit the users or cards like multiple user importing process.

  • Upload complete

    Uploading has been complete. Click X on the top right corner to close the notification and see results.

See results


  • Number of successful image uploaded

    Check user images from the user list to see if the image has been applied as expected.
    Note:  Upload the images again if you wish to update the images with different images.


  • Number of images upload failed
    Images failed to be applied after upload. The failure of upload may be due to the following reasons.

  • Exceeded image file size

    Images that failed to upload may have exceeded the maximum file size of 2MB. Reduce the file size of the images and try again.

  • Unsupported image file format

    Images uploaded may have been file formats other than jpg, jpeg, or png. Try uploading with the supported file formats.

  • Saved file name that does not exist as user ID

    Image files failed to upload may not exist as user ID. Check the user list to see if the user exist in the file name on the user list. If the user ID does not exist, create an user by the same file name and try uploading the image again.
  • Uploaded the same image file as the image already saved under the user

    The current image file of the user may be identical to the image you have tried to upload. If the files are identical, the upload may fail. Check your image file.

Continue Task

Issue multiple cards

  • Issue cards:

    Issuing multiple cards will issue cards to users imported via CSV. If no cards are issued, importing users will create new users but issue no cards to those users.

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