Airfob Patch Troubleshooting Installation

Troubleshooting when installing Airfob Patch.
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Updated 3 years ago

I have installed Airfob Patch but it does not work.

I see Airfob Patch is powered on, but there is no response from the RF card reader when I tap my smartphone.

Please refer to the following steps and scenarios to troubleshoot.

Scenario 1.

Have selected a mobile access card from a different site

Check the followings:

  • Right mobile access card needs to be selected on the app to attain access.
  • Check if the red LED is emitted from Airfob Patch when tapping with the mobile access card
  • Tapping with a different card, you may not see or hear any response from the RF card reader.

    Note:   Airfob Patch will not emit the red LED, a sign that it has transmitted the card data.
    Note:  There may not be any response from the RF card reader.
    Note:  Make sure you have the right mobile access card downloaded on your app when tapping your smartphone on the RF card reader.

Scenario 2.

Airfob Patch requires relocation

Airfob Patch must be on the right position and location to operate.

RIGHT location for powering the device but NOT RIGHT position for RF operation

Follow the below steps.

  • Register the device
    If Airfob Patch is powered on, register the device first. If Airfob Patch is not turned on, position Airfob Patch on the RF card reader where you find the RF card reader is powered. Register the device.
  • Seek location and position that powers and operates RF of Airfob Patch.

    Locate Airfob Patch in several places on the RF card reader and rotate or position in different angles. Test RF operation by tapping the mobile access card on Airfob Patch.
  • Note RF card reader list for installation reference.
    If you find your RF card reader on the list, refer to its installation location and position. They are reference installation guide and different RF card readers and installation locations and positions may work.

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