Downloading Card via Activation Code

Another means of downloading mobile access card on the app
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Activation code is another way of downloading the mobile access card on the phone.

* If you are unable to download the card using the mobile access card download button or link, the activation code will solve this problem.

How to Use Activation Code

1.  Check the activation code included in the email or SMS.

When site admin issues a mobile access card,

the activation code is sent to your email address or phone number specified by the administrator. Please check your email inbox or SMS.

Note:  If sent via email and you have not received the email, there is a possibility that it could be in your spam inbox. Check your spam inbox to see if the email is there. Mark the message Not Spam if you find the email.

2.  Install the Airfob Pass app.

If you have not downloaded the app, please download and install Airfob Pass.

3.  Download mobile access card with activation code

(1)  Settings

Open the app and touch settings on the top right corner.

(2)  Add Card

Touch Add Mobile Access Card on the settings.

(3)  Activation Code

Enter the same email address and activation code you have received.

* Once mobile access is downloaded, activation code is no longer valid.
* Valid for 24 hours since it has been sent.

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