Understanding Apple Pay

How to use mobile access card without Apply Pay popup
Written by MOCA System
Updated 3 years ago

Why is Apply Pay showing up?

Apply Pay may popup depending on the condition of your iPhone use.


Contact of NFC area of your iPhone and RF antenna area of RF card reader

Apple Pay is automatically shown when there is a contact of the NFC area of your iPhone and the RF antenna area of your RF card reader.

Avoid tapping in areas like below.

Note the following methods to avoid Apply Pay popup.

Method 1.

Use the app in the foreground

Airfob Pass app prevents display of Apple Pay and lets you use mobile access card.

However, you must have your Airfob Pass app open in the foreground.

If the app is in the background, Apply Pay has the priority regardless of the Airfob Pass app and will show up if your iPhone contacts the RF antenna area of the RF card reader.

Method 2.

Tap your iPhone on the RF card reader without touching the RF area

To avoid contact, keep your iPhone in certain angle and tap on Bluetooth area like below.

Avoid touching with your NFC area of your iPhone.

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