Using Mobile Access on Airfob Patch in Long Distance

Use mobile access card untact from long distance
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Long-distance access is a remote access function that lets you use mobile access card without contacting the RF card reader.

* If the mobile access card does not grant access when tapping on the RF card reader, use long-distance access as an alternative.

How to Use Long-Distance Access

Touch and hold the mobile access card on your Airfob app

(1) Long touch your mobile access card

After turning on the app, touch and hold the mobile access card anywhere until you see the operation animation above.

Note:  Long-distance access can be used up to 5m in open spaces with no obstacles.

Note:  Depending on the communication environment, RF card reader may not grant access. Make sure that you hear a beep from the RF card reader and works wirelessly.

Note:  If you remove your finger from the screen during long-touch, it may be canceled and not work.


(2) Checking the Status of Remote Radio Signal Transmission

When a long-distance wireless signal is sent by a smartphone

Note:  Check if your smartphone vibrates. If the access control reader and the mobile access card issued are from the same site, smartphone will vibrate when attempting access authentication.


When wireless long-distance signal does not work

Note:  Make sure your device is within 5 meters from your smartphone.

Note:  Make sure that the Bluetooth of your smartphone is turned off.

Long-Distance Operation Video

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