Quick guide for Airfob Portal

A-Z quick basic concept of what to expect in operating Airfob Portal.
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Quick Guide is a basic guide to help you prepare and operate Airfob Portal.

*  Airfob Portal supports both desktop and mobile browsers. However, some features may be limited when viewing on mobile browsers.

Signing Up

Note:  You must sign up Airfob Portal to create a site for user management or to invite administrators.

.  Access the sign up page or visit https://mocainc.com/signin.
2.  Click the Register button or visit https://mocainc.com/signup.
3.  Enter the email address you wish to sign up with.
4.  Check your email inbox for the verification code and fill in the Portal screen.
5.  Check the privacy policy and terms before moving onto the next step.
6.  Enter the password and nickname for your account.
7.  Click the sign in button and sign in after entering your account information.

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Creating a Site

Note:  Site is an organization or group unit that can manage users and mobile access cards.Click the Create Site button.

.  Click the Create Site button.
2.  Enter the site name and select the country.
3.  Select the site type and click the Create button.

Note:  You cannot change the site type once you have created a site. If you want to use a different site type, please create a new site.

  • Dynamic:  Real-time control of your card through internet connection. Administrators control user card permission or modify information in near real time.

    Administrators modify information including user control and card design in real time.
    Cons:  Internet connection required. However, you can use it without an internet connection during the 5-minute grace period.
  • Regular:  After the administrator issues mobile access card, the user can use the card anytime without internet connectivity.

    Pros:  Simple operation by issuing cards as needed.
    Cons:  Difficult to control and modify information after issuing a card to the user

4.  The site has been created. Click on the Created site to visit.

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Registering Device

Note:  Registering device is only available through the mobile app.

Installing Airfob Patch

(1)  Register a device

1.  Install Airfob Pass app on the smartphone and enable Bluetooth on your OS settings.
2.  Tap Device Registration, on Settings on the Airfob Pass app and sign-in Airfob Portal.
3.  Hold the smartphone near Airfob Patch as close as 10cm and tap Device Registration on the app.
4.  Download the mobile access card on the app by requesting to the Airfob Portal administrator.
5.  Tap the smartphone on the access control card reader and check if valid access has been granted.

Note:  If Airfob Patch is registered, the mobile access card must be downloaded on the Airfob Pass app and the smartphone must be tapped on the access control card reader to hear the access operational sound. Device registration can fail due to Bluetooth instability or wireless interference. If fails to register, please try again.

(2)  RF Device Output Test & Power Test

.  Position Airfob Patch so that they touch each other on the access control card reader.
2.  Move Airfob Patch left and right and check if its LED is blinking green fast.
3.  Twist Airfob Patch clockwise and counter-clockwise if necessary and see if it is recognized on the access control card reader.

4.  Check if access sound is heard from the access control card reader by the signal from Airfob Patch.
5.  Remove the protective film of the adhesive tape on Airfob Patch, and adhere on the access control card reader.

If five access operational sound on the card reader is not heard, reboot Airfob Patch

  1. Detach Airfob Patch from the access control card reader.
  2. When powered off, Airfob Patch LED will blink red for about 6 seconds and eventually turn off.
  3. Check if Airfob Patch has been powered off and start the process again from step 1.

If Airfob Patch blinks in red LED, reposition Airfob Patch

  1. Reposition Airfob Patch on the access control card reader to where the LED flashes green.
  2. If the power strength is strong, LED will flash every 0.5 second or 1 second.
  3. If you have repositioned Airfob Patch to another location, reboot Airfob Patch and start from step 1.

(3)  If Access Control Card Reader Does Not Recognize Airfob Patch

  Airfob Patch and the card reader operate when the location of each of the their antenna match.
*  Reposition or rotate Airfob Patch to find the position that works well.
*  The location and direction of Airfob Patch may vary depends on the access control card reader.
The operational scope of Airfob Patch may be small or large depends on the RF signal strength of the card reader and the position and size of its RF coil.

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Adding Users

Note:  You can save various information about the user. Issuing mobile access card is one of the features that can be used after adding users.

1.  Click the add user button.
2.  Enter the required and optional information of the user. Required information is marked with * on the left.
3.  Click the photo preview icon on the right to upload the user photo.
4.  Click the save button to save the information or click the add card button to issue a mobile access card.

Note:  If you require to store a different user information, you can add or change the order of user information fields in Settings-User Templates.

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Issuing a Mobile Access Card

Note:  You can add users or issue mobile access cards together. Deleting users and cards are also separate, and you can delete cards, retaining the user information.

1.  Click the add user button or click a user from the user list.
2.  Click the add card button.
3.  Enter the email address you wish to receive the mobile access card.
4.  Click the issue button to issue the mobile access card.

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